Collection: Wonderlash

Super long eyelashes within 4 weeks!

New revolutionary innovation that makes your own eyelashes twice as long. Your eyelashes become stronger, darker, and thicker. They also receive a lovely curl. It looks and feels just like mascara that you are already wearing. Isn't this what all women desire?

Wonder Lash includes a growth component that keeps your natural eyelash hairs in the development phase for longer. It also has more than 50 vital hair building blocks, which will give your lashes greater strength, thickness, and color! As a result, your eyelashes grow longer, fuller, thicker, and longer.

How does Wonder Lash work?

Applying Wonder Lash every night will not only give you longer lashes in four weeks but also your eyelashes become darker, thicker, and fuller! Wonder Lash should be applied to clean skin once a day every evening for four weeks. Then you can stop for 
3 to 4 weeks. If you need it again, you can start using the serum again.

One bottle is sufficient for 3 months.