Collection: Wonderbrows

Make-up is very beautiful and popular, but the most beautiful brows have real and natural hair. Wonder Brows really makes hair grow back. It also makes your existing hair thicker, longer and darker.

Wonder Brows… What can you expect:

Wonder Brows shows more than twice as much hair growth within 
4 months and usually faster. This is done using the new technique based on vitamin B3 with Biotin B7 in collaboration with Keratin Growth Factors. Growth Factors is also the ingredient that makes Wonder Lash users' eyelashes twice as long.

Wonder Brows is:
• 100% Hormone free, no hidden analogue hormones.
• 100% not tested on animals, this has been tested on humans, 
  not animals.
• 100% Perfume free.
• 100% Vegan, contains no animal ingredients.
• 100% PFAS free.
• 100% developed and produced in the Netherlands 
  (not a Chinese product).
• Based on vitamin B3 (Niacin) and B7 (Biotin).
• Contains hyaluronic acid for optimal results.
• Apply Wonder Brows to your eyebrows every evening.