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You can easily find this in the confirmation email.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply eyelash serum?

For most serums, once a day is sufficient. It is important to wait 24 hours before applying again. Choose a fixed time, preferably in the evening, so that applying it becomes a routine and you are less likely to forget it.

Do I really need to apply eyelash serum every day?

Yes, at least when you have just started using it. This is because the concentration of active ingredients in a serum must first reach the right level in order to do its job properly. Only with consistent use will the desired result become visible after some time. Then you can switch to applying two or three times a week.

Do I have to keep using a serum permanently?

To maintain the achieved result, you must always continue to use the serum. This is the only way to keep the concentration of active ingredients at the right level, so that the hair follicles are constantly stimulated. Fortunately, after achieving the desired results, you can reduce your application frequency to 2-3 times a week.

I have achieved the desired result. What if I stop now?

As mentioned above: to maintain the result, the serum must always be used permanently. Eyelashes (and all other hairs) follow a fixed growth cycle. The use of a serum extends the growth phase of eyelashes and ensures more blood flow and nutrients. This makes the lashes thicker and longer. If you stop applying the serum, these thicker and longer lashes will fall out and be replaced by lashes that are just as long and thick as the lashes you had before you started using the serum.

Is it bad if I forget to apply the serum for one or more days?

That's not bad, but start applying the serum daily again as soon as possible.

When will I see the first results from using the serum?

This is of course an important question, but also one that is difficult to answer. There are a number of factors that play a role here and you have some influence on some of them, but not on others. You can speed up the result yourself by choosing the right serum and applying it correctly every day. However, you do not know in which phase your individual eyelash hairs are and how well and/or sensitively you will react to the serum used. Because it is impossible to take all variables into account, we assume that you can expect results between two and six weeks on average.

I am using a serum and my eyelashes are falling out!

Don't worry, this is no reason to panic. It is possible that your eyelashes are in the telogen phase. In this phase, the existing eyelashes are shed to make room for the new hairs that are still in the growth phase. All hairs are in their own cycle. This means that they are never all in growth at the same time and never fall out at the same time.

How long will a bottle of eyelash serum last?

If you dip the brush into the bottle once, you have enough for the treatment of both eyelashes. With a consumption of 3 ml per day, a bottle lasts an average of 2 months.

Does it make sense to apply the serum several times a day?

No, unfortunately that is not effective. This is because only a limited amount of the serum can be absorbed by your skin.

Can I also use the serum on my lower lashes?

Since there are few lashes on the underside of your eye, there is a greater chance that the serum will get into your eye. To avoid harmful effects, most serums therefore advise against applying them to the lower lashes.

Don't the lower lashes grow too?

Yes, they do. By blinking, the serum from the upper lashes is also distributed over the lower lashes.

Can I wear my eyelash extensions while using a serum?

Yes, but then use a water-based serum and preferably without oil.

Can I also use a serum for my eyebrows?

Yes, because the skin around the eyebrows is thicker than the skin around the eyes. This means that irritations are less likely to occur around the eyebrows. Attention: the opposite is not recommended. Eyebrow serums contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. These will irritate the eyelashes sooner and more severely if used on the eyelashes.

Can I use eyelash serum if I wear contact lenses?

Yes you can! You must first remove the contact lenses before applying the serum. Wait 20 minutes after application before putting the lenses back in.

I got serum in my eye. What should I do now?

The most important thing is to rinse your eye with cold water. Is it not over afterwards and do your eyes remain irritated? Then stop using the serum for a few days. If the irritation has disappeared, you can start using the serum again.

What should I do if my eyes are irritated?

If your eyes are irritated by the serum, stop using it immediately. Let your eyes rest for a few days. A possible cause of the irritation could be too much serum on the brush. Dipping it once in the bottle is sufficient for both eyes. If your eyes are no longer irritated, apply the serum again in a lower dosage. Do your eyes become irritated again? Then you may be allergic to one of the ingredients in the eyelash serum. You must then stop using it.

I have sensitive skin. Should I be afraid of an allergic reaction?

Most serums are ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. Although they have been declared safe, some people may still be sensitive to a certain substance in the composition of the serum. To rule out that you are allergic to a serum, you can perform a skin test. You then apply a little bit of the serum to your arm or hand and wait for a quarter of an hour. Is there no pain, swelling, itching or redness? Then you are most likely not allergic to the ingredients in the serum and you can apply it to your eyelashes without any problems.

When should you not use eyelash serum?

Do not apply the serum if you:

have an eye condition (in that case, always contact your doctor first about using an eyelash serum)

are under 18 years of age

have had chemotherapy or are about to have it

are pregnant

are breastfeeding.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when there is a higher, local concentration of pigment in the skin. This is an overproduction of melanin. This makes the skin darker. The use of a serum can possibly cause hyperpigmentation. Discontinuing the serum almost always reverses this.

Can eyelash serum cause iris discoloration?

With normal use, a serum will not quickly lead to discoloration of the iris. If you drop the serum directly into your eye, this can lead to discoloration of the iris. We have written a blog about this extensively here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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